Two years under the ice…

The Snow Queen

Two years since I have seized publi­shing phto­graphs here. Two long years! However, some passions cannot be forgotten. They return. Frozen, bu alive under the ice. Today […]

Camera obscura


Współ­czesne aparaty to majstersz­tyki tech­no­logii. Mega­pik­sele sensorów CMOS, matry­cowy pomiar światła, ISO idące w tysiące, rozpię­tość tonalna kilka­na­ście EV… a wszystko to by powstał lepszy obraz. Bo […]

Dance show

PS in the Air (17.02.2012)

In order to keep this blog alive, I publish a few promissed photos from the dance show „PS in the Air” I took part in February. Although this […]

We ♥ Salsa

We love salsa!

Around 30 people in the studio. Salsa music coming out of loudspeakers. Several bottles of wine. Pizza. Total chaos! A lot of fun!

Two tiny photos from “Manufacture”

Maja w Manufakturze

Today, I post just two pictures to show that I am still alive. I have made them right after Chri­stmas in “Manu­fac­ture” in Lodz (it is a 19th century […]

Mayan legacy


Today I have finally decided to share a few impres­sions from my brief stay in Mexico. The country is undo­ub­tedly a very exotic and until the last minutes […]

With a cat in a suitcase

Kot z walizki

Here are a few images of a journey of a youg girl. Or should I say, of a journey began by a girl and finished by the young woman… Anyway, the point is not in writing but in the images: Maya beautiful as usual and some reminiscences of old Lodz in the background.

Best friends

Ola i Maja

I am perfectly aware that I have neglected this blog for while. Well... I promise I will try to catch up with a new stuff. Now take a look at […]

Club Macabre


The loca­tion of the Club was a mystery to all but a few. Only those who were invited knew that behind the solid steel doors in one […]



For a long time I have not publi­shed any family photos... So with the New Year I have decided to show some recent pictures of my wife and […]

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